SALE: A gentle little nudge!

Oh the places you’ll go!  
Photo Credit: Goh Iromoto

We don’t like sales here. We want your purchases to be well considered and not rushed.  And to that end we try to offer the best products and best price we can all year-round.

BUT, we’re also feeling the need to direct traffic a little bit here in our busiest season.  Our seamstresses are sewing anoraks, tanks and top bags at 100% capacity.  Kielyn has a growing list of custom moccasins and mittens she needs to make.  She asked me last night after completing a beautiful pair of beaver mittens: “can’t someone else do it!?”.  And that, my friend, is where you come in :)

Until the end of November, in an effort to encourage you to do it yourself(!), we’ve got all of our DIY kits on sale, plus some non-sewn items thrown in: HDPE toboggans and our Kni-Co stoves.  As an added bonus we’ve also been able to permanently lower our price on deer and moose hides to $7 / sq ft!

Check out all the sale items in the Featured Products section.

[NOTE: We’re still happy to sell moccasins, mittens and anoraks. Current wait time on these items is one or two weeks.  We will update this if necessary.]