Spring Insights

There's is certainly lots of room for improvement!

There’s is certainly lots of room for improvement!

Kielyn and I have 1001 things we’d like to do to improve Lure of the North this coming off-season.  Having a to-do list as long as our arms is stressful, but it is also one of the things that makes this venture so constantly exciting.  We control our destiny and we get out what we put in – and that’s how we want life to be!

Here’s just a few of the things we want to work on this off-season:

  • No new products!
    Well not quite, but after releasing lots of new products last year, now we really want to focus on refining those further, and try to keep them in stock this year!
  • Knowledge is power;
    So to that end, we plan to provide more technical information about our products online.  Ever wanted to know that our ice chisels are made of 12.5mm thick AR400 plate, have a blade width of 5.3mm and weigh 700g?  Now you do.
  • Revamped Instructional Booklets
    People have loved our DIY kits, and we love knowing that they’re getting a great product AND the skills and confidence acquired with making it themselves.  So we want to continue to refine and improve our instructional booklets throughout the summer!
  • Improved Web Software
    In particular, we plan to improve our shipping calculator to give accurate quotes the first time.  To all those who have gotten a quote of $40 to ship a pair of socks to the US, we’re on it!
  • Instructional Videos
    We will continue to release our fun/ motivational trip videos, but in addition we plan to release more instructional videos with details about using/ selecting appropriate gear, techniques, etc.  Bonus for us: these are easier to edit than trip videos!
  • And of course: build a home and workspace in the woods (more on that later though)!