The Changing Seasons and Our Coming ‘Hibernation’

The Changing Seasons in Sudbury

A view of Lake Ramsey from the "flountain".

Winter is tenaciously trying to hold on here in Sudbury, with good ice still on many lakes, and most mornings still dawning crisp and clear. Inevitably, of course, spring will come though.  We are sad to see the end of another great winter, but welcome the changing season with open arms.  We are watching the temperature and Sudbury cliffs closely, and as soon as they are dry and warm enough, the climbing shoes will be out to replace the snowshoes!

We will be kicking back into high gear in the fall of 2011 with many winter workshop offerings (moccasins, mittens, snowshoe making) designed to prepare people for the coming winter, and we are excited to be planning a full complement of winter expeditions starting after Christmas.  Until then, enjoy the spring and summer as we will be doing, and we’ll see you next fall!