Honouring our Trail Blazers

A summary of all of our past Trail Blazer Club Expeditions and members, plus a couple of other extra special awards! Million Metre Club! It’s not just Kielyn and I who get bitten by the snow walking bug!  We’ve had … Continue reading

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EC 2015: Pontax River

Surpassing even the mighty Missinaibi, the Pontax River became our longest, most northern expedition to date.  After an unsuccessful personal attempt in 2013 (see video on Youtube), Kielyn and Dave recruited some able-bodied explorers to attempt the river (with success!) … Continue reading

EC 2014: Wolf Lake Eco-Explorer

As a change from our typical hard-travel Explorer’s Club Expeditions, our 2014 outing to the Wolf Lake area offered an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the magic of winter!   Winter ecologist Dr. Gerard Courtin accompanied us as our … Continue reading

Winter Moccasin Making Instuctions

Lampwick Bindings: Tieing and Using

Interesting Findings About Trail Toboggans!

S2E1 – Exploring the Pontax River

An exciting adventure on the Pontax River in Northern Quebec in January, 2013. Deep snow, open water, and hairy portages made for a difficult trip! Modified plans saved the day and helped us have a wonderful time in a new … Continue reading

EC 2013: Missinaibi Headwaters

Our 2013 incarnation of the Explorer’s Club was our longest, most remote, and most northern guided expedition to date!  10 days, rail-to-rail, exploring the headwaters of the mighty and historic Missinaibi River.  This trip was made particularly special by the … Continue reading

S1E4: Killarney Krossing (8-days)

This trip was our first Explorer’s Club expedition with many adventurous decisions made by the group including portaging all 7 toboggans into Nellie lake with over 80 metres of elevation gain! The scenery was beautiful and the route was tough! We had … Continue reading