The Leaves are Falling

Afternoon walk with Hank

The colours are magnificent right now and we can’t help but to feel the shift in seasons. The smell of the forest changes. The sun is getting lower in the sky, gleaming off the spider webs that fill the meadow with a quite, cool stillness. The hummingbirds have long left the feeder and the moose are calling out for a mate. The lily pads are dying back, revealing the cold black waters beneath them.

Full Moon Rising Over the Pond

Before we know it, all the leaves will be gone and the dreary November will settle in. Cold, wet, and shades of grey we will await for freeze up. That first snow is a glimmer of light, bringing new life to the landscape. And that’s when we know that the fun is about to begin! The ice starts to form with its nightly groaning. Thicker and thicker each night, our passage revealed. Soon what once was a liquid barrier, becomes a solid highway for smooth passage for all.

Fall Sunset on Moose Lake

We are working on getting our new Barn up and running for our expedition season which will mean better storage for all of our expedition gear and workshop space for our basecamp experiences! The leaves falling are a warning bell that we are running out of time. I had better get back to work! More updates to come soon!

Don’t forget, there is something here for everyone! We want to help you fall in love with winter as much as we do! Please check out our expedition schedule to find something right for you! EXPEDITIONS HERE