Winter Season Now Underway!

A great time to be alive!

The winter tripping season kicks off for us in just a few days with some private outings and a nice family trip planned in January. The trips are filling up well and it looks like we will be quite busy from here right through until mid-March.

As a small company, Kielyn and I fill all company roles ourselves: we are the guides, sweatshop labourers, office managers and secretaries all rolled into one (or two). We think that’s pretty great for our guests because you get the opportunity to talk directly to your guides when you phone/ write about a trip. The downside is that while we are out on trip, there’s nobody to look after the office. We get home from a typical trip and our voice mailbox is full (we wish!), if we had a fax machine it would likely be out of paper, and even our 3.8gigs of Gmail space is practically full (of spam). But rest assured, even if it takes a little bit longer we will eventually get back to you. You might want to check the calendar on the right side of the page as well… could be we’re out on trip as you read this.