We are happy beyond words to announce that we have officially handed the keys over of our retail store to the new owners Jeff and Laura from Sudbury! We will be working very closely with them to get them on the ground running.

They will be operating from our website for the first season to make sure we can get you your gear faster! We will do a FAQ section in our ABOUT US drop down menu to help clarify things for you. But they are going to be separate from us at Lure of the North and will be operating under Lure of the North Outfitters, or LOTN Outfitters. They will be the exclusive retailer of all of our product line and will be able to grow and expand the line in the future!

This decision we believe will benefit everyone, even you! With us letting go of the retail, we can focus fully on the expeditions, workshops and our homesteading life. But we will also now have time to take a step back and help Jeff and Laura with product refinements, new products and get more instructional videos out for you! Jeff and Laura do NOT live 10km into the bush, so you’ll be sure that your package won’t come to you covered in mud or wet from being dropped in the snow! They live on a rural property just outside of Sudbury, ON (Lively) and only a 10 minute detour off of highway hwy 17. So you’ll even be able to stop in to look at the gear without having to first paddle 6km or hike in 8km.

They will be opening the store back up THIS COMING SUNDAY! They will be taking PRE-ORDERS for scheduled delivery most likely AFTER CHRISTMAS. They need time to order in all of the materials and get their production up and running.

So please get excited and show them your support by making those pre-orders. You can take a a deep sigh of relief and know that you didn’t miss the boat and you can get that anorak, beaver mitts, moccasin kit or toboggan that you had always wanted! Hoorah!!

Follow @lotn.outfitters on Instagram and Facebook to watch Jeff and Laura settle into their new passion and career!