An Update from LOTN Outfitters!

Hello friends of the north!

Thank you for keeping us busy these last couple weeks! The pre-orders are rolling in…

Woohoo!! We want you to know we are working on getting them to you asap! 
The first step is building up our inventory. Dave and Kielyn have put us into contact with all of their suppliers, and it has been such a pleasure to meet other small business owners from across Canada that create the highest quality goods, from wool, to hides, to lumber. It has really driven home the care and dedication Lure of the North has put into building relationships, and carefully sourcing each component of our kits and finished products with the very best materials. We hope that this makes you feel as good as it does us. Knowing that the gear you are ordering is going to withstand the test of time, and the rigors of your winter expeditions.

While some materials have arrived, others are still on route, so we’re getting our products assembled and shipped  as they come. We are happy to receive your emails and to continue to give updates at You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. It has been a joy to see all of the incredible adventures you have been posting on your socials. Please tag us in your Lure of the North gear, we would love to see it in action.

In the meantime please know that we so appreciate your support and most of all patience as we get up and running.