“My aunt saw mine and lost her mind.”

“My aunt saw mine and lost her mind. I would like to Thank you and Kielyn for a phenomenal weekend. It was great, you are both fantastic teachers. Your guidance, knowledge and patience was greatly appreciated. Thank you for the encouragement and the time you took out for my crazy ideas. It was the perfect combo to let me be creative. And I would like to note that, I adore my moccasins…..Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!” – Sue

“Everyone is on a bit of a high”

“Thank you so much for this weekend! Everyone had a great time, and those of us that work in the office brought our mocs in for our admin and support staff to see. Lots of ohh-ing and aww-ing. Everyone is on a bit of a high this morning with feelings of accomplishment.   We were very thankful to learn so much from the two of you. You both have great energy and patience in teaching us, a group with such diverse levels of interest and experience in this sort of thing. There has already been murmuring of another session.” ~ Kristy Pulver, Program Manager, Kinark Outdoor Centre

“Didn’t feel like school at all”

“Thanks so much for coming in and sharing your knowledge with our class!  We all had such a good time learning to make the moccasins, and these four days haven’t felt like school atl all.  You were both very patient, friendly, and fun to have around.” – Pursuits Program, Fall 2011; Georgian Bay Secondary School