Back from the Arctic!

We are back from an amazing 6 weeks in the high arctic on Devon Island. We were helping to facilitate a program for Arctic Kingdom Expeditions and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the Inuit … Continue reading

Introducing: Sawdust and Sunshine!

If you’ve ever wondered what the heck we do in the non-winter months, you’re about to find out! This year we extended winter until June, by heading up to the high Arctic, Devon Island, at 75 degrees North latitude, with … Continue reading

We Made It!!

We are now back at the pond,. settling in after completing our 700 km snowshoe journey from Lake Superior to James Bay! We walked through the town of Wawa into the rugged country of Whitefish Lake and the Shikwamkwa River. … Continue reading

Retail Store is now Closed!

That’s it folks! Our retail store is now closed! We still do have some inventory, that we will sell in the spring, but we are not available to sell anymore items until then as we’re preparing for a big trip … Continue reading

2023 Winter Schedule is Live!!!

We had to give priority to our COVID-credit holders and so space is already limited!! Don’t miss out! We want you to see what we see when we spend time on the trail with a group of like minded individuals. … Continue reading

FINAL Month!

IMPORTANT: November 2021 will be our final month of regular retail operation! We have a great big, 900km snowshoe trek we’re preparing for starting in January, so we will close the store in December. Next spring we will sell off … Continue reading

Retail Store is CLOSING!

[This post explains WHY we’re closing. For details on how the closure will proceed, please see the next post below!]It has been a crazy year, you know that, we know that, it’s become a cliché at this point. For Kielyn … Continue reading

Retail Closure – Timeline and Next Steps

July 18, 2021: Here’s how our closure will work. We wanted to give our customers as much notice as possible. So we will operate as normal, through the fall until the end of November. We will continue trying to resupply … Continue reading

Orders – It’s Been Fun!

We’ve got some big news we just announced above. If you’d like to see some more fun photos related to the joys and tribulations of remote retail you can check out our photo album here:

Winter IS COMING!!

We are stocking up now for a busy fall and we want you to make sure you get started early so you don’t miss the boat… or toboggan that is… Remember! We will be LEAVING for the whole winter on … Continue reading