Winter Wonderland Indeed!

Our first expedition of the season was a grande ol’ adventure with Mother Nature never disappointing. We asked for slow and steady, and she gave us 3 feet of snow and sticky slush on the lake. We asked for a winter wonderland, and she gave us snow laden spruce and snowshoe hare and deer prints to follow. We asked, and we received.

This was the first time we’ve done this style of trip where it was travel/basecamp/travel/basecamp for the whole trip and it did not disappoint. On our “rest” days we went explore new territory to scout or pre-pack the next days’ route. We found hidden little gems all throughout the land it I think that was my favorite part of the experience.

If you want to experience life on the trail, but don’t want the high kilometer days, this trip could be perfect for you! Watch out for the Winter Wonderland- A slow and steady expedition on next year’s 2025 calendar in the spring to sign-up!