Early Christmas Rush!

The perfect toboggan load full of goodies!

THANK YOU to all of you wonderful people that have been getting your orders in early. We are going as fast as we can with filling orders. But there is a ripple effect that slows down your package from arriving at your door. It starts right from our suppliers, then the postal service shipping it to us. Then the slow down of our own production. Because of the uncertainty of COVID-19 we are a TWO-person show for the whole year! So we’re going as fast as we can but it’s inherently slower. Then of course the time it takes for Canada Post to get your package to your door. Delays all across the board.

And SO! If you want your package for Christmas time, you have to order now!

At the moment, most things are still shipping very quickly. Sewn goods, like anoraks, tanks, top bags and stove bags are subject to longer (2 – 3 week) delays, but most other items are heading out same week! That may change as the season progresses!

Please understand that we want to get your package to you ASAP. But things are a bit funny this year and wait times are extended because of it.

Thank you so much for your patience and support.

With gratitude,

-Kielyn and Dave