EC 2013: Missinaibi Headwaters

snowalkers posterOur 2013 incarnation of the Explorer’s Club was our longest, most remote, and most northern guided expedition to date!  10 days, rail-to-rail, exploring the headwaters of the mighty and historic Missinaibi River.  This trip was made particularly special by the inclusion of the legendary Garrett Conover on this trip!

Members (alphabetical): Garrett Conover, Katie Halls, Dave Hartman, Dave Marrone, Kielyn Marrone, Mat Masin, Collin Pollard, Stephen Ritchie, Vanessa Rizzotto

This now-classic trip continues to be offered from year-to-year.  To see if its offered this winter or to register, check out the Missinaibi Expedition page.

To commemorate the event, Laurentian University produced a documentary-length video of the expedition which you can find below: