EC 2015: Pontax River

Negotiating one of many rapids on the Pontax River.

Negotiating one of many rapids on the Pontax River.

Surpassing even the mighty Missinaibi, the Pontax River became our longest, most northern expedition to date.  After an unsuccessful personal attempt in 2013 (see video on Youtube), Kielyn and Dave recruited some able-bodied explorers to attempt the river (with success!) in 2016.

Negotiating rapids, waterfalls, and fierce arctic winds, we traveled 125km of river ice to the Arctic Ocean itself.  From there, another 15km of travel on salt-ice took us to the Cree community of Waskaganish, QC.

This is certainly a trip we will return to in years to come!  To find out if its on this year’s schedule, or to register, check out the Pontax River Expedition page.

Members (alphabetical): Kevin Kavanagh, Dave Marrone, Kielyn Marrone, Mat Masin, Vanessa Rizzotto

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