Participant Paperwork 2021 Trapline and Tanning

Equipment Rental List

All prices are in Canadian funds. 13% HST will be added.

Please note: to simplify our lives this one page refers to Life on the Trapline OR Braintanning OR Both.

  • All items and prices are valid for Life on the Trapline
  • For the braintanning course, the only item you may need is a sleeping bag, all other items are unnecessary
  • If you are signed up for both courses and rent a sleeping bag you will get the bag for the second week at NO additional cost.
Please check off any items you require. If renting the “Whole Kit and Kaboodle” then don’t check any other boxes please! See note at top for additional details.

Sub Total:

Total with tax:

Please provide any pertinent info regarding your rental equipment selections.

Equipment Rental Policies

Note: You must agree to the following terms and conditions before entering a rental agreement with us.

  • We are a small company and cannot guarantee that we will have all equipment in stock in all sizes. If you wish to rent this season, please contact us well in advance so we can prepare equipment for you;
  • You will be held responsible for full repair or replacement cost of any equipment damaged
    through willful misuse or abuse. This does not include equipment damaged through regular wear-and-tear, unintentional misuse or accidental breakage;
  • Modern snowshoes can be damaging to moccasins and as a result should not be used together. Thus we will not rent our moccasins for use with modern snowshoes.
  • If rental equipment does not meet your performance expectations, we will refund the rental cost of that particular item;