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  1. Hi Lure of the North,
    I would love to show some of your videos on my site to show how to really get prepared for the winter! I don’t run very many winter programs, and I’m out in BC – so it would be great to share the love and spread your name out here and to my Ontario friends too with your tips and videos and great prep vids!
    Let me know if it’s okay to share your videos on my site. Thanks!

    My company is called Flexpeditions. I’m based in Revelstoke BC. I would like to put on a snowshoe making workshop here Feb 27&28 and was thinking I’d order a bunch of DIY kits for the supplies… how long does it typically take to get the kits in the mail and how long does it typically take to build the snowshoes start to finish with the kits?
    Thanks, Amy :)

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