S1E2: Silver Peak with Kevin Callan

In our first season of operation, we had the honour and pleasure of getting to go on trip with Canadian guidebook author and canoeist extraordinaire Kevin Callan!

We’re producing one video from this trip, and Kevin has produced a pile of great ones (with more forthcoming)!  View them all below.  Also, check out the photos from this trip.

Note: the video above is a series of 6 shorter episodes. Use the links below to jump directly to an episode:

Radio Broadcasts Related to this Trip

Hey whaddya know, we’ve been mentioned on the CBC twice this year!  You can listen to both interviews with Kevin Callan below:

  1. Kevin Callan talks about Snowshoeing and Winter Camping;
  2. Kevin Callan on Sat Phone at the end of our Silver Peak trip;

One thought on “S1E2: Silver Peak with Kevin Callan

  1. Thank you very much for this glimpse into a way of life which is now only a memory.
    Very enjoyable and challenging trip to live vicariously by way of this film.
    Well done.
    Peter B Jarvis
    Scandia , Minnesota

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