Trail Toboggans

Trail toboggans are quite simply the most versatile hand-hauled craft for winter travelers. Long and narrow, the toboggans are designed to keep a load low to the ground for maximum stability.  The large running surface allows the toboggan to float in your snowshoe track and go anywhere you do – regardless of snow conditions.  Because it is flexible, a toboggan gracefully follows the contours of undulating terrain, and crests fallen trees readily.  Toboggans are all cut in the traditional ‘coffin-shape’ for improved turning performance.

You will construct your toboggan in one day, out of black (UV-resistant) “High-Density Polyethelene” (HPDE), a very durable, extremely low-friction plastic which is ideal for pulling on snow and ice.  Toboggans roll up for easy transportation in vehicles!  When you leave our workshop, your toboggan will be completely ready to take to the trails.  You will:

  • Learn to tie and adjust the running and tow lines;
  • Install sliding brass rings for use as lashing loops;
  • Will install a brake line;
  • Sew lashing lines and cam buckles;
  • Create your own leather hauling ‘tump’;

8′ long (6′ usable space) trail toboggan: $215;
10′ long (8′ usable space) trail toboggan:  $225
12′ long (10′ usable space) trail toboggan: $260;