Training Camp and Vast Horizons Fun!

“Did this trip after having completed the training camp. An excellent introduction to Winter Camping. Dave and Kie are great teachers and leaders. The experience was tough which made it all the more rewarding. The summit of Mount Ararat would have looked impossible to me if I had not been with Dave and Kie. Definitely made me want to go on a longer expedition. The experience was all the more richer having made all my own gear from their DIY kits. I never would have thought that I could sew my own moccasins that would keep my feet warm and dry. I highly recommend making at least some of your own gear.” – Malcolm Savage

We had an amazing group of people come out on our first expedition of the year. Thank you to all of you who came out and enjoyed the beauty that is the winter with us. To view our photos from the Training Camp portion of the trip view them by clicking the hyper link SNOWSHOE EXPEDITION.

We are now open for registration for our 2018 Training Camp and Vast Horizons Expedition. Please follow the hyper link to register  or for more information.