We’re Baaaaack!

After our planned spring/ summer hiatus to work on other ‘projects’ (including marriage!), we are more excited than ever to get lured back into cold-weather activities!  After a great first season of operation, we are thrilled to have even more to offer this year.

Traditionally, the freeze-up period of late fall was a time when travel in the bush was difficult and impractical.  So people adapted and used that time to prepare for the coming winter by making camp, laying up the canoe and building snowshoes, moccasins, toboggans and other materials required for winter travel.  Once freeze-up was complete, travelling would recommence in earnest.  That makes a lot of sense to us, so we plan to do the same this year.  That means workshops will primarily be offered this fall, while the winter season will be dedicated to offering guided trips and helping people get out there to use all that new gear!  So if you’ve been thinking about making yourself a new pair of moccasins to use this winter, don’t wait until January, contact us today for a fall workshop.

Our initial schedule will be posted in the next couple of weeks, with more events added as the season progresses.  As always, we are open to coming to you for a private workshop if your numbers warrant.  See our workshop page here for more info, and contact us if this is something you are interested in this year.