EC 2011: Ishpatina Ridge

Meltdown!An Explorer’s Club expedition before the club was even born!  Ishpatina 2011 was Lure’s very first guided expedition.  These group members certainly had to demonstrate the “explorer’s mentality” to follow a couple of untested twenty-somethings into the winter wilderness for eight days!

With deep snow, lots of slush, and a major mid-trip meltdown, we certainly faced our share of challenges en route to the top of Ontario!

Members (alphabetical): Dave Marrone, Kielyn Marrone, Collin Pollard, Roger Pollard, Jouko Rantala, Stephen Ritchie.

Our “Top of Ontario” tour has become a classic offering that is now on our schedule most years.  Check out our Ishpatina Ridge page to check dates or register.

Finally, check our first two trip videos from this expedition: