Wilderness Living

A peaceful moment on the pond.

A peaceful moment on the pond.

In 2014, we moved to a wilderness property of our dreams: an undeveloped plot of forest and pond surrounded on all sides by thousands of acres of public land.  There is no road access, no utilities and our closest neighbour is 9 km away.  Three years we lived in a canvas wall tent that is a mere 14′ x 16′.  We have since built a 30′ x 40′ workshop for the business that we spend so much time at it may as well be home!

The first developing years were intense as we juggled developing the land, learning the skills required to live out here, and still continue growing our small guiding and outfitting business.  The transition hasn’t been easy, but has been incredible.  We’ve had the support of some amazing neighbours, family, and friends new and old to thank for the help that has made this possible.

Now that we’re starting to feel a bit more settled into our new home, we’re eager to share some of the joys of wilderness living and teach some of the new skills we’ve learned along the way.  This page will continue to grow as we broaden our horizons!

If you’re interested in spending some time out here with us:

  • Our “Glamping” accommodations are a perfect, private get-away;

If you’re interested in self-sufficiency skills:

  • Chainsaw Milling is an incredibly simple and rewarding way to make your own lumber, furniture and accessories;
  • We also offer a variety of skills and crafts workshops throughout the year, hosted here from our homestead.

Finally, please check our calendar of events to see if we have any upcoming workshops out here at “The Pond”!