“The experience exceeded my expectations”

Thank you Dave & Kielyn for a wonderful trip.  You helped me create a fantastic, memorable experience for my family which will strengthen our bonds & relationship!  The expedition was well planned & the experience exceeded my expectations.  – Stephen Ritchie, Ishpatina Ridge 2011, Killarney Crossing, 2012.

“The world was at my fingertips”

“I find comfort in knowing that the wilderness is not going anywhere, and I will be back. The vast expansion and breath of being in the middle of the lake’s belly and the quiet, calm energy in the bush made me feel like the world really was at my finger tips.  I wanted to thank you and Kie and Lure of the North for providing me with this beautiful experience.” – Vanessa, Ishpatina Ridge expedition, 2012

“What an amazing trip.”

“What an amazing trip. It’s still fresh in my mind – walking over the ice and seeing all those smiley faces on everyone.” – Kevin Callan, author of “The Happy Camper: An Essential Guide to Life Outdoors”, www.kevincallan.com