Last Chance for the Holiday Season for Lure Products!

These toboggans don't make themselves folks!

These toboggans don’t make themselves folks!

Last Call for all products before Christmas! We are heading down to visit family and won’t be available to fill orders from December 19th- January 6th.

I know this seems like an awfully long vacation for two people running a WINTER-based company BUT 8 of those days we are actually on trip scouting a route that we are running this year as one of expeditions. So we thought it be the responsible thing to make sure that it is the greatest route ever before we bring you fine people out on the trail!

Hopefully you’re not too upset with us. We did warn you though in July that winter was indeed coming and that you should start getting prepared then!

There’s still hope though! You still have one week. So make your move soon or you’ll have to wait until next year!