Summer Moccasins


These soft and supple summer moccasins are perfect for canoe tripping, tracking or lounging in your cabin.


Rubber Sole

A paint on sole made of shredded rubber tire and barge cement to add durability and longevity to your moccasins.

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Summer Moccasin LOTNWalk through the woods in style and comfort with your own trail moccasins. These have been tested and true to Lure for over 7 years now. Since the first day we wore them we’ve been converted and have never looked back.

These moccasins are best suited on soft forest floors or around your own garden/workshop, they are not designed for abusive pavement or concrete.

Includes a pair of felted wool insoles for added comfort and cushion.



Using a simple paint on style sole is great. The moccasin retains it’s flexibility and responsiveness to the ground, while adding a layer of protection for the moccasin to extend its life. The sole is designed to wear-off over time with the ability to simply paint on another before the hide wears.

Having the right ratio of glue to rubber is critical and we are still in the development stages of soling. If you have received a sole from us and it peels off instead of wears away, then please either return your moccasin for a reapplication, or let us know and we’ll refund your money on the soling.

Please note: Soling may delay shipment of your order slightly because it needs a few days to dry before shipping.

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