Trans Ontario Expedition


Sold out! This trip is currently sold out.  If you would like more information, or to be considered for our waiting list, please contact us.

This is it!  This trip has been years in the making will most likely be the longest expedition we ever offer: cover 700km of portage and historic frozen waterways over 90 days in the winter of 2022!

We have travelled nearly this entire route in stages over the past few winters, so we know it well and know it can be done, now it’s time to link it all together into one incredible, life-altering, season-long journey!



Update: May 2023

We did it!! 

It took us 72 days and we did it! Travelling over 730 km by snowshoes from Lake Superior to James Bay! 14 snowshoers, 2 tents, 4 resupplies and a LOT of slush.


Trip report and video coming soon (eventually!)


More details will be released in the coming months, including more detailed descriptions of each leg. In the meantime, if you are interested and you want to take part in the entire journey, or one or more legs of the journey, the best thing you can do is get in touch with us and share your interest!

This is almost certainly the only time we will ever offer an expedition that spans the entire winter season!

Rough Schedule:

  1. Stage 1: Late Jan. Michipicoten River, 2 weeks, 120km;
  2. Stage 2: Early Feb: Missinaibi Headwaters, 2 weeks, 100km;
  3. Stage 3: Late Feb & early Mar: Upper Missinaibi, 3 weeks, 160km;
  4. Stage 4: Late Mar & early Apr: Lower Missinaibi, 3 weeks, 240km;
  5. Stage 5: Mid Apr: Moose River, 1 week, 80km

The initial reaction upon suggesting something like this to returning guests has been extremely positive, so we’re moving ahead into the next stage of planning!

Additional information

Expedition Stage

Everything: Superior to the Sea!, 1. Michipicoten River, 2. Missinaibi Headwaters, 3. Upper Missinaibi, 4. Lower Missinaibi, 5. Moose River to Moosonee


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