Winter Anorak Workshop


Create your very own 100% cotton canvas anorak with coyote fur hood ruff.  A beautiful, and durable windproof, breathable outer layer.


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Dave on Lake Superior - Winter 2014.

Dave on Lake Superior – Winter 2014.

Our anorak making workshop is two full days of instruction.  No sewing experience is required.  All necessary materials are provided.

Modern waterproof/ breathable fabrics wick moisture through small pores between the material fibres.  Cotton wicks moisture right through the fibres themselves, making for a much more breathable fabric.  We use a naturally windproof tight-weave canvas, which we pre-shrink to tighten the weave further.   Our anoraks are sized large to protect the large muscles of your thighs, and accommodate lots of layers underneath – even a down jacket for those frigidly cold lunch stops!
We think a coyote fur ruff is essential for a good anorak hood, so these come standard on all our anoraks.  Fur ruffs are not just for looking good (but it helps that they do!), the fur actually traps warm air inside the hood, creating a comfortable micro climate in front of you face.  Say good bye to your icy balaclava!



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