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Our most popular workshop!  Design and create your own pair of traditional deerskin and canvas winter moccasins. Workshop details vary significantly from one offering to another as some will include meals, accommodation, etc.  For specific details about each workshop please follow the links at the bottom of this page. Don’t see a date or location that suits you? Make them at home with a friend using our DIY Kits!

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Moccasins are the warmest, lightest and coziest style of winter footwear you’ll probably ever own – we have personally tested them on a variety of winter trips, including a 40-day trek in northern Ontario and know you will be satisfied.  Our moccasin making workshop includes all the materials you will need to complete and personalize your own pair of winter moccasins, plus lots of time to explore and discuss other traditional winter clothing options.  A fun and informative weekend, ending with a beautiful pair of highly-functional, hand-made moccasins!

*NEW* Liners and insoles are included in the price! Please indicate your boot liner size. For women, choose your regular shoe size. For men, go up one size.

Check out the testimonials page if you need more convincing.

Can’t make it to a workshop? Don’t worry, you can still make your own with one of DIY Kits!


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2 full days, ~ 16h

5 reviews for Winter Moccasin Workshop

  1. Deborah Diebel

    I just completed my first pair of winter moccasins, and now I am keen to spend the rest of the winter making more for friends and family! Dave was a patient and clear instructor (unfortunately we missed having Kie join us!), and kept us on target with our timing, and next instructions. There was freedom and the materials to personalize each pair, and of course everyone made something totally unique to them! The process was rather intuitive, once you got going, and even what looked to be the most difficult steps were easily managed by all of us. It is so empowering to make such a functional and comfortable garment for yourself, and it makes you want to make more! Thank-you for continuing to offer this option, I will be back another time to pick up more tips, and try making canvass uppers instead of my pair with the leather uppers, just for a new challenge and skill!

  2. Stephen Ritchie

    Last weekend Dec. 14-16, 2018, I walked into the Lure basecamp (approx. 6km) for a weekend moccasin-making workshop. This is the third pair of moccasins I have made with Lure, but by far the best overall experience!…. due mainly to where we were making the moccasins – in the wilderness of the La Cloche Mountains… with the growing expectation that I would wear them for the walk out! The walk in was enjoyable with numerous animal tracks and the growing sense that I was travelling deeper into the wilderness. The workshop was extremely well facilitated by Kielyn, and she also managed to feed us and entertain us with numerous stories from expeditions and off-grid living. The cozy atmosphere and ambience of sewing my puckers by a wood fire on a large home-made wood table over-looking “Golden Pond” made the experience one I will remember for a life-time. And then by Sunday at 2pm, our entire group was walking out on the trail proudly wearing our newly constructed moccasins! Thank you Kielyn and Adam for a wonderful workshop and unique living experience. I would highly recommend the “Lure Basecamp Workshop Option” to anyone!

  3. Rick Cussigh

    Took this class at the 2013 Winter Camping Symposium. Due to time limits at this event the class was compressed to one day. It was a lot of fun and amazingly, I completed one Moc that day and finished off the pair over the next couple days while at this event and when I returned home. Can’t explain the joy that I felt when I successfully completed the first step in this process; a technique that creates a knot at the end of a thread and needle. Sounds silly, but but I was completely out of my element, so getting through that first step was a relief. Looking forward to using these Mukluks this winter. They turned out better than I thought possible and I am, oddly, very proud of this work. Dave and Kielyn are good teachers!

  4. Dave Marrone

    Thanks Rick! I thought I’d also share this beautiful photo of you in your new moccasins at home!
    Rick Willging happy and looking grand!

  5. Rick Willging

    My expectations were met and exceeded, and I am very happy with my new winter moccasins. I enjoyed the class more than I can express, and only wished I had more time to socialize more, with all the interesting participants, who I think created some very beautiful, yet functional works of art. This workshop, I believe, must be very challenging to teach, because each one of us students had different backgrounds, skills, abilities, needs, and goals, yet everyone seemed to be quite satisfied with the class, learned a few new skills, had a tremendous amount of fun, and were quite proud of their finished creations.

    Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you again soon, if not in Peterborough, than hopefully on a snowshoe trek in the Great Boreal Wonderland of Canada.

    Your friend,

    Rick Willging

  6. Dave Marrone

    As a teacher, I am well aware of the challenges of teaching adults. You both rose to those challenges beautifully. You were kind, supportive, and helpful in spite of the many difficulties involved in keeping rambunctious participants on schedule. […] Both of you maintained an ongoing aura of professionalism over the course of the workshop. […] May the best things of the season find you both, and may your business venture continue to thrive and prosper.
    With gratitude,

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