Mitten Recall

Our new 33oz Mitten Liners, made with high-quality Woolrich blankets!

Our new 33oz Mitten Liners, made with high-quality Woolrich blankets!

We’re embarrassed that the mitt wool that we used last year did not hold up to a full season of expedition abuse.  We expect better from all of our products, and hope that you do as well.  If you have the really fluffy, white mitten wool, either as a DIY kit, or finished mittens, please contact us for a free replacement.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Updated Calendar!

It was brought to our attention that in our calendar of events, the Rock Island Lodge winter moccasin making workshop wasn’t on the page! So we want people to make sure to know that yes, we are heading to Wawa on October the 1st.

This is a beautiful location right on the shores of Lake Superior and would be perfect for our American friends or those who have always wanted to visit the magical Lake Superior!

Check out our workshop line up here.

Honouring our Explorers

A summary of all of our past Explorer’s Club Expeditions and members.

Explorer’s Club 2016

LOTN Trans temagami23Expedition Name: Trans-Temagami Tour;
Dates: Feb 20 – Mar 6, 2016 (14 days);
Distance: 128 km;
Highlights: A complete crossing of the famed Temagami wilderness from South to North!


  • Ross Bowyer;
  • Thomas Hargreaves;
  • Kevin Hill;
  • Harold Kinsley;
  • Dave Marrone;
  • Kielyn Marrone;
  • Mat Masin (EC ’13, ’15, ’16);
  • Bob Olajos;
  • Winona Ominika;
  • Lilla Roy;

Explorer’s Club 2015

Expedition Name: Pontax River;
Dates: Feb 28 – Mar 15, 2015 (14 days);
Distance: 140 km;
Low Point: Sea level!
Highlights: Traveling on the Arctic Ocean between the Pontax and Rupert Rivers on James Bay.

Negotiating a rapid on the Pontax River

Negotiating a rapid on the Pontax River


  • Kevin Kavanagh (EC ’14, ’15);
  • Dave Marrone;
  • Kielyn Marrone;
  • Mat Masin (EC ’13, ’15);
  • Vanessa Rizzotto (EC ’13, ’14, ’15).

Explorer’s Club 2014

Expedition Name: Wolf Lake Eco-Explorer;
Dates: Feb 15 – 23, 2014 (9 days);
Distance: 58 km;
Special Guest: Winter ecologist extraordinaire Dr. Gerard Courtin!
Highlights: Slowing down and taking a closer look at the spectacular winter landscape of SW Temagami.


  • Gerard Courtin;
  • Kevin Kavanagh;
  • Dave Marrone;
  • Kielyn Marrone;
  • Stephen Ritchie (EC ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14);
  • Vanessa Rizzotto (EC ’13, ’14);
  • Beth Sangree;
  • Jay Thibert.

Explorer’s Club 2013

Expedition Name: Missinaibi Headwaters;
Dates: Feb 15 – 25, 2013 (10 days);
Distance: 101 km;
High Point: Traveling the height of land from the Atlantic to Arctic watershed!
Highlights: Traveling with our mentor Garrett Conover.

BB-Garrett ( Name: Members:

  • Garrett Conover;
  • Katie Halls;
  • Dave Hartman;
  • Dave Marrone;
  • Kielyn Marrone;
  • Mat Masin;
  • Collin Pollard (EC ’11, ’12, ’13);
  • Stephen Ritchie (EC ’11, ’12, ’13);
  • Vanessa Rizzotto.

Explorer’s Club 2012

Expedition Name: Killarney Krossing;
Dates: Feb 18 – 26 27, 2012 (7 days);
Distance: 51 km;
Elevation: Too much!
Highlights: Selecting the “High Adventure” route 1 too many times.

Explorer's Club 2012

Explorer’s Club 2012


  • Sam Cutforth;
  • Colin Pollard (EC ’11, ’12);
  • Anneke Ritchie;
  • Cam Ritchie;
  • Stephen Ritchie (EC ’11, ’12)

Explorer’s Club 2011

Expedition Name: Ishpatina Ridge; (Honorary EC Expedition)
Dates: Feb 13 – 20, 2011 (8 days);
Distance: 75 km;
High Point: Ontario’s highest – Ishpatina Ridge!
Highlights: Lure of the North’s first ever guided offering.  Special thanks to those who made this possible!

Explorers Club 2011

Explorers Club 2011


  • Colin Pollard (EC ’11, ’12);
  • Roger Pollard;
  • Jouko Rantala;
  • Stephen Ritchie (EC ’11, ’12)

EC 2016: Trans-Temagami

LOTN Trans temagami69We have travelled in the famed Temagami Wilderness area for years, along both the north and south ends of the region.  And for years we had looked at the map and dreamed of connecting some of our southern routes to our northern ones by navigating a section of the Sturgeon River.

A very warm winter added a lot of questions about what sort of ice conditions we’d find in the remote river sections.  The heavy snow and rain that persisted throughout much of the winter contributed to lots of blow down and rough portage trails.  A road closure at the north end of the region unexpectedly lengthened the trip by 20%.  But through it all we enjoyed an incredible journey traversing this beautiful region from south to north!

Members (alphabetical): Ross Bowyer, Thomas Hargreaves, Kevin Hill, Harold Kinsley, Dave Marrone, Kielyn Marrone, Mat Masin, Bob Olajos, Winona Ominika, Lilla Roy