We’re Working Hard For You!

Hey folks! We are working away using fingers and toes to get your orders out to you as fast as we can. We are hoping to keep the promise that any order that is made before DECEMBER 1ST will be in your North American hands for Christmas (no promises for overseas). But don’t delay! Our list is growing quickly and we want everyone to get what they asked for this year for the holidays! laying down

A special note: The longest list we have right now is for winter moccasins. So if you really want some, know that it is our bottle neck right now so they might not make it to you in time for Christmas. Unless of course you want to make them yourself! Our DIY Kits for all of our products are still flying off the shelves and into the post so we can get them to you into our next mail run.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!! – Kie and Dave

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Welcome to Lure of the North!

Thank you for visiting! For the most up to date news you can sign-up for our newsletter on the sidebar. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram #/@lureofthenorth. Thank you again and I hope you come back often!

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Last Chance!

Does making winter moccasins surrounded by the fall colours while gazing out at the lake sound appealing to you? Then make the last minute choice to come and hang out at the Bark Lake Leadership Centre with us! For more information click here. Fall Colours

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Completely Re-vamped Mitten Instructions

mittencoverimageOur Mitten Making instructions have been completely overhauled for the upcoming year with numerous improvements.  Our mitten kits have also gotten better with a brand-new, very thick wool for the liners.  Our single layer mitts are a great weight for a general purpose mitt in cold conditions, and our double-layer mitts are extremely warm mitts for low-activity in very cold conditions!

Find the instructions in the Info Hub, and find the kits in the store here.

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Moccasin Workshop Coming Up!

Come to the gorgeous Bark Lake Leadership Centre in Irondale, Ontario on October 17th & 18th and handcraft your  winter moccasins for the season!

There are a few spots left so don’t hesitate. Price is $278.50 + HST and you can stay right at the Leadership Centre for only $50/night. There is a full kitchen available for cooking meals and you are right on the lake to enjoy your coffee in the morning.

Click here for more information and to register!

bark lake 1

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Honouring our Explorers

A summary of all of our past Explorer’s Club Expeditions and members.

Explorer’s Club 2016

EC2016Expedition Name: Trans-Temagami Tour;
Dates: Feb 20 – Mar 6, 2016 (14 days);
Anticipated Distance: 108 km;
Anticipated Highlights: A complete crossing of the famed Temagami wilderness from South to North!

Members: TBD

Explorer’s Club 2015

Expedition Name: Pontax River;
Dates: Feb 28 – Mar 15, 2015 (14 days);
Distance: 140 km;
Low Point: Sea level!
Highlights: Traveling on the Arctic Ocean between the Pontax and Rupert Rivers on James Bay.

Negotiating a rapid on the Pontax River

Negotiating a rapid on the Pontax River


  • Kevin Kavanagh (EC ’14, ’15);
  • Dave Marrone;
  • Kielyn Marrone;
  • Mat Masin (EC ’13, ’15);
  • Vanessa Rizzotto (EC ’13, ’14, ’15).

Explorer’s Club 2014

Expedition Name: Wolf Lake Eco-Explorer;
Dates: Feb 15 – 23, 2014 (9 days);
Distance: 58 km;
Special Guest: Winter ecologist extraordinaire Dr. Gerard Courtin!
Highlights: Slowing down and taking a closer look at the spectacular winter landscape of SW Temagami.


  • Gerard Courtin;
  • Kevin Kavanagh;
  • Dave Marrone;
  • Kielyn Marrone;
  • Stephen Ritchie (EC ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14);
  • Vanessa Rizzotto (EC ’13, ’14);
  • Beth Sangree;
  • Jay Thibert.

Explorer’s Club 2013

Expedition Name: Missinaibi Headwaters;
Dates: Feb 15 – 25, 2013 (10 days);
Distance: 101 km;
High Point: Traveling the height of land from the Atlantic to Arctic watershed!
Highlights: Traveling with our mentor Garrett Conover.

BB-Garrett ( Name: Members:

  • Garrett Conover;
  • Katie Halls;
  • Dave Hartman;
  • Dave Marrone;
  • Kielyn Marrone;
  • Mat Masin;
  • Collin Pollard (EC ’11, ’12, ’13);
  • Stephen Ritchie (EC ’11, ’12, ’13);
  • Vanessa Rizzotto.

Explorer’s Club 2012

Expedition Name: Killarney Krossing;
Dates: Feb 18 – 26 27, 2012 (7 days);
Distance: 51 km;
Elevation: Too much!
Highlights: Selecting the “High Adventure” route 1 too many times.

Explorer's Club 2012

Explorer’s Club 2012


  • Sam Cutforth;
  • Colin Pollard (EC ’11, ’12);
  • Anneke Ritchie;
  • Cam Ritchie;
  • Stephen Ritchie (EC ’11, ’12)

Explorer’s Club 2011

Expedition Name: Ishpatina Ridge; (Honorary EC Expedition)
Dates: Feb 13 – 20, 2011 (8 days);
Distance: 75 km;
High Point: Ontario’s highest – Ishpatina Ridge!
Highlights: Lure of the North’s first ever guided offering.  Special thanks to those who made this possible!

Explorers Club 2011

Explorers Club 2011


  • Colin Pollard (EC ’11, ’12);
  • Roger Pollard;
  • Jouko Rantala;
  • Stephen Ritchie (EC ’11, ’12)
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On the Road!

LOTN PondOur workshop season is about to commence! This means that we will be on the road for much of the fall, so please place orders sooner than later to ensure you get them in time. We bring as many retail items as possible on the road with us, but large items such as ice chisels, toboggans and snowshoes will have to stay at the Pond.

The list is building, so get your order in in time for winter! Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!




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EC 2015: Pontax River

Negotiating one of many rapids on the Pontax River.

Negotiating one of many rapids on the Pontax River.

Surpassing even the mighty Missinaibi, the Pontax River became our longest, most northern expedition to date.  After an unsuccessful personal attempt in 2013 (see video on Youtube), Kielyn and Dave recruited some able-bodied explorers to attempt the river (with success!) in 2016.

Negotiating rapids, waterfalls, and fierce arctic winds, we traveled 125km of river ice to the Arctic Ocean itself.  From there, another 15km of travel on salt-ice took us to the Cree community of Waskaganish, QC.

This is certainly a trip we will return to in years to come!  To find out if its on this year’s schedule, or to register, check out the Pontax River Expedition page.

Members (alphabetical): Kevin Kavanagh, Dave Marrone, Kielyn Marrone, Mat Masin, Vanessa Rizzotto

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EC 2014: Wolf Lake Eco-Explorer

red pines

Under the Red Pines of Wolf Lake.

As a change from our typical hard-travel Explorer’s Club Expeditions, our 2014 outing to the Wolf Lake area offered an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the magic of winter!   Winter ecologist Dr. Gerard Courtin accompanied us as our resident expert to help pull back the veil of mystery of the silent season!

Members (alphabetical): Gerard Courtin; Kevin Kavanagh; Dave Marrone; Kielyn Marrone; Stephen Ritchie; Vanessa Rizzotto; Beth Sangree; Jay Thibert.

This was a special trip dependent upon the special talents and personality of Gerard Courtin.  To see if we are running a similar trip again, please check out the Wolf Lake expedition page here.


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Expedition Schedule is Live (and on Sale)!

Vanessa hauling hard!

Vanessa hauling hard!

After much research, poring over maps, talking to past participants and dreaming of snowy days on the trail we’re very excited to announce our 2016 snowwalking schedule!

You can find all of our offerings in chronological order on our calendar, or head to the expedition page for full details.

Sale: Our early-bird discount is available for the month of September.  Sign up and pay your deposit by September 31st for 5% off the expedition price.

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