Welcome to Lure of the North!

Thank you for visiting! For the most up to date news you can sign-up for our newsletter (here or on the sidebar), or follow us on Facebook . Thank you again and I hope you come back often!

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Weekend Workshops are Filling Up!

02SkyOur weekend workshops on the long weekend are filling up! Don’t miss out on the fun by signing up soon! Findout more information about our Chainsaw Milling Course here, and our Summer Moccasin and Birch Crafts here.

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New Spring Offerings

A beautiful Snapping Turtle

The pond is about to come alive!

Spring is here, and with it a host of new offerings!  We’ve added a brand-new section to the website “Wilderness Living” to highlight the various programs we have here at the pond.  This year that includes:

Follow the links above, or read our latest newsletter for more info!

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Firewood Season is Upon Us


Its never too early to start preparing for winter!

It has been an incredibly rewarding and eventful season, starting with our first workshops in September, and culminating in our crossing of the Temagami Wilderness Area last month! Now it is time for us to take a break and concentrate on other needs around our wilderness property: specifically, putting away enough firewood for next winter! For the next few weeks, we won’t be spending much time answering emails, or completing orders. If you need to receive an answer to a question in a hurry, please give us a call, alternatively if you need an order delivered quickly, please call or email for availability before placing your order.

Thank you for your patience, it has been another wild ride, and we look forward to hearing from you again next year!

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Woodsmoke Expedition Has Returned

03travelexpLOTNWe are back from a wonderful journey with our new partners from the UK Woodsmoke. We had a group of 9 people come from across the United Kingdom that all had different accents that by the end I had adopted a little piece of each.

It was a grand adventure and we are now gearing up for our Explorer’s Club Expedition this year which is a crossing of the Temagami Wilderness.

To view the photos of our Woodsmoke Expedition please follow this link here.

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Out for much of the remainder of the season!

Dave and Conor struggle through a tough section of ice on Lake Superior

Dave and Conor struggle through a tough section of ice on Lake Superior

We are heading out to the hills until Feb 12th. After that trip wraps up we’ll try to process as many orders and emails as possible, but then will be out again Feb 20th – Mar 6th, then Mar 8th – 11th, then we’re running a program at our home base Mar 12 – 19th. So we’re pretty much incommunicado until the snow starts to melt.

You can track the fun at: facebook.com/lureofthenorth

We want to thank everyone for their interest and support this season, and wish you a wonderful snow walking season!

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Vast Horizons

LOTN Vast Horizons04

What a neat experience leaving right from our home at the Pond and entered into our Vast Horizons expedition. It was 3 days of beauty. Gorgeous giant hemlocks, beech and pines along with evidence of bears, squirrels, deer and wolves. We saw a Bald Eagle soar over us after a really tough portage that lifted our spirits!

To view some of our photos you can follow this link: VAST HORIZONS

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Expedition Season is Underway!

LOTN Training Camp 25

We are officially in expedition mode! We’ve returned from our first ever, Lure Training Camp and finished it off with a 3-day tour of the surrounding area into the La Cloche Mountains. To see the photo album from our training camp click here.

For those of you last minute gear seekers, you may have to wait. We are back and forth from our expeditions and may be able to sneak out to the post, but don’t hold your breath. If you aren’t in a rush, please do make your order and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We have turn around time in between the expeditions so we may be able to accommodate.

Thank you again for your support and patience. We hope you enjoy following us on our expeditions this season and we hope you can get out yourself and enjoy the great white season!

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Expedition Season is Upon Us

tent interior LOTNWe are excited for this upcoming weekend because it is our first basecamp adventure at our new home On Golden Pond! We are working hard to have the guest tent looking as homey as we can so our guests will never want to leave.

There is still time to make the last minute call and join us this weekend! The weather looks amazing and there will be plenty of food for all! Check out our expeditions page for more information.

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Gone for the holidays!

Hey folks,

We are visiting family from the 22nd- 28th and will not be able to get any new orders out for you. If you have already made your order there is a really good chance that while we are drinking eggnog we will be sewing away on it! So if there is a mistake or two we will blame it on the lack of lighting and such..

We are returning to the Pond on the 28th so if you don’t hear from us until then please enjoy your holidays safely with love and laughter.  Thank you again for all of your support and we wish you well.

Happy Winter Solstice!



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