On the Road!- Shipping Delays

Hi everyone!

Dave is on the road now for our Toboggan, Snowshoe Weaving and Snowshoe Binding workshop at the Canadian Canoe Museum. He won’t be back to the pond until next week. This means that we won’t be able to get new orders out until approximately the 26th of October. Kie and Maddy will be at the pond working away at any new order to make sure they are ready for shipment.

Thank you for your patience! We, as always, appreciate your support!

Free Purchase Pickups across Southern Ontario!

Free parcel pickup is like a shot of sunshine on a mid-winter’s day!

We’re offering free pickups at a variety of locations across southern Ontario this fall.  Please see the schedule below. To take advantage, please place your order online at least a week in advance and choose “local pickup”at checkout.  Send us a note by email or phone that you intend to meet us, and we’ll have your package ready.

Pickup Schedule, 2019:

  • Bradford: Pickup with family members, available many dates throughout the fall.
  • Peterborough: Canadian Canoe Museum Oct 19 – 22 (order by Oct 12)
  • Peterborough: Canadian Canoe Museum, Nov 1 – 4 & 10 – 11 (order by Oct 25)
  • Waterloo: Lee Valley Tools, Dec 1 & 2 (order by Nov 24)

Hope to see you this fall!


Toboggan Selection Guide, Warranties and Comparison Videos

His and Hers toboggans, extensively tested and covered by an incredible warranty!

If you’ve wondered which toboggan length is right for you, or what grade of polyethylene to get, look no further than our new Toboggan Selection Guide.  The guide includes videos shot and the conclusions we’ve come to over years of building and testing toboggans side-by-side on extended group trips in northern Ontario.

We’re also excited and happy to announce all of our toboggan plastics are covered by a 3 year (standard, HDPE) or 7 year (premium, UHMW-PE) warranty.  Toboggan warranty details.

Finally, if you’re in Ontario and looking to save on the shipping cost of a toboggan this fall, please see our “Free Pickup Schedule” for dates and locations in Peterborough, Waterloo and Bradford, Ontario.

Buying and owning a genuine Lure of the North toboggan has never been easier!


Website Pricing Mistakes~

For some odd reason our winter moccasin kit pricing was way off this past month. So if you notice a price on our website that just seems totally wrong, please let us know! We fixed the moccasin kit, but will be keeping our eye out for any other discrepancies.

Thank you for your patience! Here’s a picture of two male moose to make up for it.

Golden Pond Moose

We’re Hiring for Winter 2019!!

UPDATE: August 7

Thank you SO much for all of your interest. We had many great interviews, so much so that we felt we could make a decision. We have accepted help from across the pond again this year and am sure we’ve made a great choice. Thank you again for your interest and if you would like to hand in an application for future years please do not hesitate. 


We are looking to expand our team for the 2019 season! If you think you’d like to spend the winter with us, please click the page link below for more information.


*2019* Expeditions Filling-Up!


Training Camp/Vast Horizons: SOLD OUT!

Magical Mystery Tour: SOLD OUT!

Life on the Trapline: 3 SPOTS LEFT

Further Down the Missinaibi: SOLD OUT!

To join the waiting list please contact us directly at info@lureofthenorth.com


Training Camp/Vast Horizons is SOLD OUT! Only 4 spots left on our Life on the Trapline expedition and our three-week trip has shown a ton of interest. People are arranging their schedules now so don’t delay if this was going to be your year with us!

We’re looking at adding a one week Magical Mystery Tour in the La Cloche hills so if you don’t see something that gets you exciting- perhaps hold tight.

Killarney- Photo: Conor Mihell

2019 Expeditions are live, and space is limited already!

Looking for winter!

As spring turns into summer, and the sun starts its slow slide back to the depths of December, we can’t help but start thinking of winter again!

Our 2019 expedition schedule is now live:

If there’s something you were hoping for and don’t see it on the schedule above, we’d love to hear from you,as we may be able to squeeze in one more public trip alongside some of our private offerings.