*2024* Camp Nowhere!

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Dates: August 18-24, 2024 (7 days)


Escape the everyday and experience a week full of laughter and fun in the great outdoors? Welcome to Camp Nowhere! The Camp you never got to go to as a kid is finally here!



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Ever since I was a kid and watched Camp Nowhere with Christopher Llyod in 1994, the idea of creating my own Camp Nowhere for the everyone was a day dream of mine. The idea of having fun in a group without rules, boundaries or the creativity squashing that some parts of society limits us to, created a spark in me that has never died.

Well now that we’ve done some adulting for 12 years developing our property, we feel it is time to share our space with you and have some good old fashioned FUN!

This week truly is about fun!

Are there some scheduled activities? Sure. But are they mandatory? Definitely not!

Some Activities May Include:

  • Daily games of bump (a low skilled, but highly fun and sometimes chaotic basket ball game).
  • Morning flow stretching/yoga.
  • Daily swimming- maybe even some fitness/pool noodle swimming to the island and back!
  • Sunset boat cruises/fishing.
  • Day hikes: including a full-day hike to Mt. Ararat that overlooks the North Channel of Lake Huron.
  • Badminton
  • Pottery: get your hands dirty creating with clay! Then have it fired and bring it home as a memento!
  • Wood fired sauna and wood fired hot tub at the ready all week!
  • Camp fires (bring your guitar and instruments for jam sessions- or not, if that’s not your thing!)
  • Use the paddle board or canoe and enjoy some time with the loons.
  • Get the chainsaw mill and wood working tools out and make a cutting board to bring home? Why not!?
  • Check out the bees and help harvest some honey if the timing is right!
  • Learn and make different homesteading remedies (balms, soap, kombucha, and and bake sourdough if the mood strikes!)
  • Board games, painting, coloring, puzzling, reading? Absolutely!
  • What else are Kie and Dave up to this week? Who knows what else we could get up to?! The flexibility, the group and the imagination is what limits us!
  • Don’t forget free time to just do what you want!

What we love most about this week, is that we think it is exactly what people want and need in their lives. More laughter. More connection with nature. And in general, more FUN!

You most definitely will learn some things while you’re here, no question, but the learning will be organic and the main purpose of this week is to get back to having a childlike sense of curiosity, sense of adventure and some full belly laughter.

What’s Included:

  • 6 nights Accommodation: Either 1/4 spots in our permanent wall tent with bunk beds, or a 3-season summer tent with foam mat will be provided on tent platform or flat ground.
  • Wholesome, healthy meals from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 7;
  • Shuttle to and from parking area (shuttle from airport can be provided for a fee but carpooling with other participants is encouraged);
  • Guided activities all week by either Dave or Kie;
  • No material fees for activities: i.e. clay and wood would be provided if the activity takes place;
  • Access to full-premise facilities: hot tub, sauna, fitness room, canoes, stand-up paddle boards etc.
  • Access to hundreds of acres of paradise to enjoy!

What’s Not Included:

  • Shuttle from airport or town. We can help facilitate carpooling or arrange a pick-up for you for a fee for our driver;

Introductory Pricing for our First EVER Camp Nowhere!

We have had lots of experience over the years running fun weekends for friends and family so we are VERY confident that this will be a blast and a successful week. But we’ve priced it accordingly to make sure that everyone comes in with a flexible attitude and ready to go with the flow! We are hear to facilitate fun and if it doesn’t hurt your bank account too much, then that makes it even more fun doesn’t it!?

Minimum Age: 16- No kids allowed! (I mean, why do kids get all the fun anyway?)

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August 18-24, 2024

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