After popular demand we have officially added a trip specifically for kids and their supervisors to come and challenge themselves in a safe fun environment. It’s like our adult program- but with kids! So if you’re wanting a winter trip but want to bring your kids, now’s your chance. Check out the page here: KIDS and BIG KIDS

LOTN Anoraks! As Seen on TV!

Kielyn was prepared for winter! Thinking long term, she decided to swap out her rain jacket for her Anorak. She knew that a rainy fall could be possible, but she also knew that a cold winter was immanent. Our anoraks are the perfect winter companion. Blocks the frigid north air, big enough to layer up underneath and looks great too! It doesn’t stay clean for long, but consider it your street cred the dirtier you get it.

Operating on Island Time + Where to Find Kie’s Awesome Headwear!

We’re now 4 episodes into this season of Alone and getting a great response to Kie kicking butt out there! If you came looking for the headwear that she’s been sporting all season, you can find it here: Kie’s awesome headwear, and you can find her anorak here.

We’re getting lots of emails/ inquiries and social media messages. And we’re really excited about that! But this is also our “off season”. We’re trying to take a bit of down time amidst the hustle and bustle, so please forgive us if we take a bit of time responding to your inquiry! We’re still shipping orders every week!

“Summertime and the livin’s easy”, you know how the song goes!

ALONE – Season 7

Many of you may have noticed that Kielyn was M.I.A this fall and throughout the winter. The cat is out of the bag and we are very excited to share with you that she was on the hit reality survival tv show, Alone on History channel.

We can’t say too much right now but we can give you a save the date! Jun 11, 10 PM EST on History! Be there and watch her journey along with us.

Staying Safe- COVID-19

We want you to know that you are not alone in the widespread concerns about this global pandemic. We would like to be a place of light for you in this time of darkness. Though our government has now demanded that all non-essential businesses close down, we are still here for you. We do not have a store front to shut down but know that Lenny (King Lenny the cat), Hank (Jester Hankster the Prankster dog) and myself (kie) are in isolation and won’t be taking any visitors at this time.

We will be continuing to fill orders from our online store which is one way that we can help keep your hands busy with countless crafts available at your fingertips. I will be posting tips and tricks on our facebook and instagram @lureofthenorth to keep fighting to good fight from the comforts of your home and local fresh air.

Hank practicing social distancing. At least one shadow length apart!

Stay safe and healthy everyone and as a globe we can work together to fight the good fight right from the comforts of your own home. Not a bad task really. #wegotthis!

Season is Wrapping Up!

We have to thank everyone who supported us this season! A special thank you to Jo who is now getting on a plane to continue her adventures across the world. She was the voice behind the phone, email and social media for our busiest season to date! We wish her well and hope she enjoys the continued adventures in a warmer climate!

This being said, we are slowing down the train for the rest of the winter since we’ll be out on expeditions! So please accept our apologies for any future delays of your orders or inquiries. Thanks you all again and happy rest of your winter!

One way to haul a bigger load: link two shorten toboggans in tandem (riding optional).