As the Dust Settles

WOW! Thank you SO much for your one day blitz of orders that came in yesterday! I think there were a lot of people that were disappointed to see their size disappear before they had a chance to hit the submit button. If that was you, don’t get too discouraged. Once the dust settles and we get the orders shipped out we will reassess our inventory and do a final announcement one more time. This might give you a chance to get your last minute order in this time.

So stay tuned and make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get first crack at our remains.

THANK YOU again to all of you who have supported us through the years. You have been such a pleasure to work with. By the way- We’re not going anywhere! We’re just shifting, pivoting and growing :) Big hugs to you all! – Kie

Last Chance for Lure Goodies!

Soon it’ll all be gone!

As you may be aware, in the fall of 2021 we made the decision to close our retail store for good, after 10 years of operation. This fall, September 2022, will be your final opportunity to buy Lure products! We are remaining closed for the rest of the summer, while we inventory all remaining stock. We will update our website with remaining quantities, and are planning to re-open on September 1st. We do have a little bit of almost everything remaining, but we anticipate things going quickly.

We’re very sorry but we cannot take pre-orders. Please check back here on September 1st for your opportunity to purchase remaining stock. Thanks for your understanding and all your support!

Back from the Arctic!

We are back from an amazing 6 weeks in the high arctic on Devon Island. We were helping to facilitate a program for Arctic Kingdom Expeditions and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the Inuit culture and incredible landscape.

We were camped at the toe of the Devon Ice Cap in Croker Bay. The landscape was vast and seemingly barren. That is until you started to look closely. Polar Bear prints, Musk Oxen droppings and Snowy Owl feathers appeared and it was clear this land was rich in life.

We were guided and kept safe by the very skilled and amazingly welcoming Inuit guides that know this land as if their lives depend on it (which is does). We heard stories of their yearly Narwal and seal hunting and how it’s their favorite time of the year.

We only scratched the surface of Arctic Bay and the learning we can do up there. We will definitely be back there and hope to continue learning from the beautiful people of the land.

Introducing: Sawdust and Sunshine!

If you’ve ever wondered what the heck we do in the non-winter months, you’re about to find out! This year we extended winter until June, by heading up to the high Arctic, Devon Island, at 75 degrees North latitude, with our friends from Arctic Kingdom. But we do have some non-snowy professional pursuits as well!

The solar panels powering Lure of the North!

Sawdust: The skills we developed on our wilderness travels and around the homestead have eventually grown to a full-fledged climbing arborist operation. If you’ve got a challenging and/ or dangerous tree that you need removed in the Espanola region, give us a call (fully insured, free quotes!)

and Sunshine: We’ve walked the walk at our off-grid paradise for 8 years. We have designed, installed, tested and maintained our green energy system that runs our entire business, and now we offer those same services to others wanting clean, quiet energy at your off grid cabin, camp or cottage.

We Made It!!

The final push to the sea was a total white out with not much to see but the accomplishment itself!

We are now back at the pond,. settling in after completing our 700 km snowshoe journey from Lake Superior to James Bay! We walked through the town of Wawa into the rugged country of Whitefish Lake and the Shikwamkwa River. This is the Traditional Territory of the Robinson-Superior Treaty.

The next section of our route involved small lakes and portages over the continental divide separating the Atlantic and Arctic watersheds. The small, winding Little Missinaibi River took us to the headwaters of the mighty Missinaibi River. We walked the entire length of the Missinaibi (~500km) to the Moose River convergence. We finished the expedition heading down the Moose River to it’s mouth at the Arctic Ocean in James Bay. This entire section of our journey was through the Treaty 9 Traditional Territory of the Moose Cree First Nation.

13 of us travelled through 3 full-moon cycles, through -40*C weeks, white out winds, deep relentless slush and blissfully sunny days. We are humbled, encouraged and inspired by the majesty of the winter lands of the Boreal Forest.

For photos and stories, please see our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook @lureofthenorth

Retail Store is now Closed!

That’s it folks! Our retail store is now closed! We still do have some inventory, that we will sell in the spring, but we are not available to sell anymore items until then as we’re preparing for a big trip crossing Ontario this winter.

We will be back in the spring to sell of remaining stock. Stay tuned in the spring, or sign up for our newsletter (right side bar) to get the last of the goods!

Thanks so much for your support, and though we won’t be supplying gear in the future, we look forward to seeing you on the trail or in the field!

2023 Winter Schedule is Live!!!

Finished in Killarney for some Fish and Chips!

We had to give priority to our COVID-credit holders and so space is already limited!!

Don’t miss out! We want you to see what we see when we spend time on the trail with a group of like minded individuals. They might call you a “weirdo” for liking winter, but we call you wise 🦉. (But hey let’s keep the magic of winter just between you and me shall we? 🤐)

I also have a couple summer and fall survival courses on the menu!

FINAL Month!

The end of an era is nigh!

IMPORTANT: November 2021 will be our final month of regular retail operation! We have a great big, 900km snowshoe trek we’re preparing for starting in January, so we will close the store in December. Next spring we will sell off any remaining stock and close our doors for good (see posts below for more details).

As of October 30th, EVERYTHING is still in stock. Going forward, if the website lists a product as in stock, then it is available to purchase. But, at this point we will no longer be restocking materials as they run out. So throughout the month we may start discontinuing items.

We are not planning any blow out or clearance sales, especially on our most popular items, so don’t wait, order now as this will be your last chance for LotN gear!

And YES, we will still continue to provided guided trips and instructional workshops after we close the retail portion of our business!

Thanks for your support,
Kielyn and Dave

Retail Store is CLOSING!

The joys, trials and tribulations of running a retail operation in the woods!

[This post explains WHY we’re closing. For details on how the closure will proceed, please see the next post below!]
It has been a crazy year, you know that, we know that, it’s become a cliché at this point. For Kielyn and I (and probably many of you!) it’s also been an opportunity for introspection. When we started this business over a decade ago, fresh out of university, we really didn’t know where it would take us. We knew that we loved this more traditional approach to winter camping in the northern forests that we were learning about, and that we wanted to share it with lots of people. We started learning to craft our own clothing and gear, and we started guiding trips and teaching workshops. We wrote free instructional booklets and shared them online. Before long we had trip and workshop participants asking if they could take kits with them to continue crafting at home. We put together our first snowshoe weaving and moccasin making kits and started selling them online. And before we knew it, we were retailers! And we started receiving orders from Canada’s northern-most Arctic islands and all of our provinces, all across the US, Germany, Japan, the UK and Australia! It has been an absolutely amazing journey that has allowed us to meet and interact with hundreds of incredible customers. You have displayed incredible patience when we lost your order off the back of the snowmachine and you had to wait another week for it to get in the mail; or when we took off for a 3-week adventure just as your order hit our inbox. We have loved getting your picture-filled emails where you proudly tell us about surviving frigid temperatures in gear that you’ve crafted yourself!

BUT we never set out to be retailers. And as the business has continued to grow, it has meant less and less time to do all the other things that we’ve always dreamed of pursuing in our lives. What we’ve always wanted to do is guide people on amazing wilderness adventures, increase their self-sufficiency, help them on their homesteading journey and continue exploring and learning about the natural world ourselves. So to that end we’ve made the difficult decision to close down Lure of the North’s manufacturing and retail arm. This will be a slow shutdown, so you can still purchase your gear this fall to get it for this winter, and we’ll return to selling off any last goods next spring after our 90-day crossing of Ontario(!). After that, it’ll be gone, gone, gone! Who knows, one day we might bring it back, but for now, it feels to both of us that there’s lots of other trails that need exploring!

As I mentioned, this is a hard choice for us, but an important one, and we’re both incredibly excited for the next step of our journey. And we hope you are too! This is going to give us sooo much more time to offer some of the other adventures that we’ve been wanting to share with you for so many years, and so we both hope that you’re going to find the next few years really exciting and will stick with us as we transition more fully to the life we’ve always dreamed of!

Ps. 8km way back in the woods, off a flooded, muddy ATV trail, or across a lake and up a creek is a terribly inefficient (but fun!) place to run a retail operation from. Enjoy some of the pics of us dealing with a few of the many hurdles we faced :)

Pps. This operation would never have been possible without a TON of help from friends and business associates, but most importantly from family, so a huge thank you to them!
– Dave and Kielyn, Hank and Lenny!