Help Wanted!

Help wanted!!! We are hiring two general helpers for the summer who love the outdoors! Position is for general homestead labour in and outside. Jobs may include hauling logs, digging holes, staining building, clearing trails, and other repetitive physical tasks. Indoor jobs may include gear maintenance, retail help, and wood processing.

Must be 29 or younger (Canada summer jobs program).

4 days a week, 32 hrs/week. Live on site and explore the surrounding area on your long weekends!!

Email Dave: with your resume and cover letter if interested!

New Summer Courses!

We have an exciting two new courses being offered for you this summer! We wanted to schedule them late enough in the summer that it will be hopeful to be able to run them! We have a couple more in the works but we wanted to get these ones out so you can plan your vacation with us!

Chainsaw Milling with DAVE!!! And Wilderness Survival with KIE!!

Make Beautiful lumber and learn all of Dave’s secret tips!
Figure out if you’ve got what it takes to go it ALONE with Kie!

Back in the Office- Catching Up!

Sunrise at the Pond

I am back at the helm and am starting to work on your orders again! We are still quite far behind and as of today we are still working on orders placed in the middle of February.

So while most things are back in stock, please know that your order will take at least a month to be processed. Better to think of your winter gear orders to be gearing up for next winter.

Thank you SO much for all of your support and patience in this very different year that we’ve all had. We very much appreciate your kind notes and feedback you’ve all sent and we are very excited to get your orders filled.

Enjoy the rest of your winter and please know, that if we don’t get back to you right away, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Please make sure you read through all of the information on our website to see if your question may be answered already. We also have many instructional videos on YouTube to help you through the crafting process!

All the best on this sunny day at the Pond,


A Return to Winter Trips!?

Update, Feb 6: We’ve been under lockdown/ Stay at Home orders here in Ontario since Christmas, and have been eagerly awaiting the day when we could get back to leading people on winter adventures! We’re not there yet, but it sounds like it could happen on very short notice any day now, so we’re getting ourselves ready for it! We will not be checking our emails regularly, nor will we be filling orders during the trip season. If you place an order, there is a very good chance it will NOT be shipped out until early April!

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause. If that timeline doesn’t work for you, please contact us for a refund, however even that may take some time if we are away on trip.

Thank you for your understanding and support and hope you have an amazing winter season!

The snow has also arrived just in time!

A Lonely Pair of Snowshoes

Well. Things are shaping up to be a little different that we had planned this winter. Thus far we have had to cancel 6 expeditions for 2021 and the way things are going, there is a possibility for more.

However- We are not going to be shaken. We know that it is a tough ask for people to stay home when they have an incredible trip with Lure of the North planned. But it is even tougher to see this virus plow through our most vulnerable communities without any sort of empathy.

We need to stick together, by staying apart! Please follow your guideline from you provincial government. Even IF the clarity of the rules are murky at best. Do your part. Stay at home. We are READY when the virus is under control to take you on an incredible journey. But until then, thank you for your patience and continued support. Stronger together. While staying apart. We love you all!

Retail Starting to Reopen

We're taking (some) orders again!

After a hectic fall season, we are slowly starting to reopen our retail store! We don’t want to disappoint anyone by taking more orders than our small team can handle, so only certain items that are shipping quickly are currently in stock.

If an item is available to purchase on the website, it is because we feel like we can probably ship it fairly quickly. Other items are still “out of stock”, but that may change as we continue to catch up. Thank you!

Gift Cards and Merry Christmas!

Throwing boiling water in the air at minus 40!

Well we tried the slow down idea…. But we just kept getting orders! So we had to truly call it and put most of everything out of stock. But that doesn’t mean that your loved ones can’t get excited this Christmas by dreaming about LOTN kit! Grab them a Gift Card!! They never expire and we will let you know by way of newsletter and the social when we are taking orders again.

Again. THANK YOU! These are trying times and we really appreciate your pull and support for small businesses.

Season’s Retail Cut Off December 1st!!!

Update Dec 1st: A little explanation as to what our retail cut-off means. This does not mean that if you order after Dec 1st you won’t ever get your order, but it does mean you may possibly have extremely long delays. This fall has been busier than anticipated, with many logistical challenges. We are spending December filling our back-log of October and November orders, and then we will be turning our attention towards our upcoming winter expeditions. Any orders placed after Dec 1st will not be prioritized until after expedition preparation is complete. That means an order placed Dec 1st might not even get looked at until late December. If time permits, then we will still ship orders, but again only if time permits. We understand that’s not great retail service, but we also have a commitment to do a great job for all of our guests who will be joining us on adventures this winter, and that will be our highest priority as we shift gears.

If you placed an order, and you’re now realizing that the wait time is going to be too long, then of course you can absolutely receive a refund. Please email us that request, and we will issue the refund as soon as we see it. If you choose to leave your order with us, we will fill it as quickly as our other commitments permit.

Thank you so much!

Because of the amazing support of you wonderful people, we have reached our maximum output for the season. Being only a two-person show we simply cannot keep up and expect to run a successful expedition season which is where our true passion lies.

But we are giving you until DECEMBER 1ST to get your orders in for the entire winter season. That’s right! We won’t be filling orders this winter season as all of our energy will be focused on the expeditions.

There will still be delays in receiving your products for those that do place their orders before December 1st. Our best estimate of delays are as follows:

  • ~ 1 week or less: Snowshoes and snowshoe weaving kits; toboggan making kits; Kni-Co Alaskan stoves, books; hides, socks, books, head gear & other swag
  • 1 – 2 weeks: Finished toboggans, mitten and moccasin kits
  • 2 – 3 weeks: Ice chisels, anorak kits;
  • 3+ weeks: sewn goods like anoraks*, tanks, top bags and stove bags

*ANORAK note: Our anoraks have about 14 different trim options. So we do have a few anoraks on the shelf with pre-sewn trim that are ready and available. If you want a particular trim you will likely have to wait 3+ weeks. If you want an anorak ASAP, please call us and you may be able to skip the line if you’re happy to take something off the shelf.

Thank you all for the incredible support and I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy the beauty and wonder of the winter months.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

– Kielyn and Dave

Early Christmas Rush!

The perfect toboggan load full of goodies!

THANK YOU to all of you wonderful people that have been getting your orders in early. We are going as fast as we can with filling orders. But there is a ripple effect that slows down your package from arriving at your door. It starts right from our suppliers, then the postal service shipping it to us. Then the slow down of our own production. Because of the uncertainty of COVID-19 we are a TWO-person show for the whole year! So we’re going as fast as we can but it’s inherently slower. Then of course the time it takes for Canada Post to get your package to your door. Delays all across the board.

And SO! If you want your package for Christmas time, you have to order now!

At the moment, most things are still shipping very quickly. Sewn goods, like anoraks, tanks, top bags and stove bags are subject to longer (2 – 3 week) delays, but most other items are heading out same week! That may change as the season progresses!

Please understand that we want to get your package to you ASAP. But things are a bit funny this year and wait times are extended because of it.

Thank you so much for your patience and support.

With gratitude,

-Kielyn and Dave