Staying Safe- COVID-19

We want you to know that you are not alone in the widespread concerns about this global pandemic. We would like to be a place of light for you in this time of darkness. Though our government has now demanded that all non-essential businesses close down, we are still here for you. We do not have a store front to shut down but know that Lenny (King Lenny the cat), Hank (Jester Hankster the Prankster dog) and myself (kie) are in isolation and won’t be taking any visitors at this time.

We will be continuing to fill orders from our online store which is one way that we can help keep your hands busy with countless crafts available at your fingertips. I will be posting tips and tricks on our facebook and instagram @lureofthenorth to keep fighting to good fight from the comforts of your home and local fresh air.

Hank practicing social distancing. At least one shadow length apart!

Stay safe and healthy everyone and as a globe we can work together to fight the good fight right from the comforts of your own home. Not a bad task really. #wegotthis!

Season is Wrapping Up!

We have to thank everyone who supported us this season! A special thank you to Jo who is now getting on a plane to continue her adventures across the world. She was the voice behind the phone, email and social media for our busiest season to date! We wish her well and hope she enjoys the continued adventures in a warmer climate!

This being said, we are slowing down the train for the rest of the winter since we’ll be out on expeditions! So please accept our apologies for any future delays of your orders or inquiries. Thanks you all again and happy rest of your winter!

One way to haul a bigger load: link two shorten toboggans in tandem (riding optional).

One Spot Opened Up!

We just had an unexpected cancellation for our one-week Killarney Bound Expedition! If you are interested please head to the trip page here for more information and to register. Hurry, because the foods packed and we’re ready to go!

A scene from the Missinaibi River

Ice Chisels are Back!

The two styles of ice chisel including a take-down model

Our ice chisels are back and better than ever! Made with Canadian hardwood maple, chipper blades designed for the local paper mill and Lure’s crafty ingenuity, we think they are the perfect tool for fetching your water and catching your fish out on the lake this winter!

New Phone Number!

This year we’re trying something completely different! We’re going to have someone manning the office phone and emails right through the busy winter tripping season! To that effect, we now have a new office phone number. You can best reach us at: 705-280-6809.

For product or order inquiry emails, please contact Thanks!

Getting Desperate? Lure Bucks are here to save the day!

gift certificate
Sample Gift Certificate

If you’re like us, you’ve just realized that it’s December 22nd and Christmas is in just a few short days! We’re going to continue to plug away through the holidays to keep your orders flowing to you, but its too late now to get anything sent to you in time for “the big day”. Enter Lure Bucks Gift Certificates. They’re good for anything we sell, they never expire, and if you lose it, just send us an email with your order info and we’ll be able to look up your code for you. You’ll receive a copy by email that you can print and hand out to your favourite outdoors person on Christmas!

*NEW* Speed Lash Tanks are Here!

After a full winter of testing, we’re ready to make available our new Speed Lash system for Toboggan Tanks and Stove Bags! This speeds up one of the less enjoyable parts of winter camping: loading toboggans, and leaves you with more time for traveling or enjoying camp life!  We’ve summarized the difference in our new Toboggan Outfitting Guide, or you can watch the video below for an even better sense.  These bags are available immediately at the links above.

Note: Our Classic closure system is still available for now, but if others love these Speed Lash bags as much as we do, they’ll likely be the only tank style we offer down the road, we’ll wait and get feedback from you fine folks after you’ve had a chance to test them this winter! 

IMPORTANT: Out of Stock notices

We have a particularly frustrating website glitch that keeps putting products and experiences “out of stock”.  Currently (as of Sept 24) all products except those listed below should be IN STOCK, if something you’re looking for is listed as “out of stock”, please contact us.  We’re working to resolve the issue. Thanks!

Only the following items truly are out of stock for the time being:

  • All hand-made winter moccasins; (DIY kits available!)
  • All hand-made winter mittens; (DIY kits available!)
  • Killarney Big Water Expedition;
  • Georgian Bay Big Water Expedition;
  • Missinaibi Expedition.